Looks like coleslaw TASTES Lik​e SALSA

"Chips and Salsa please ....and hold the tomatoes!"

Thirteen years ago when Kelly's father discovered that even though he liked tomatoes, tomatoes didn't like him. Kelly asked the question, "How can we all still enjoy chips and salsa together without tomatoes?"

After many trials and errors - and with some luck from her Irish roots - Kelly created "Irish Salsa". A unique blend of cabbage, fresh veggies, and secret herbs and spices that will inspire your taste buds to dance a jig.

Kelly and her husband Troy brought the concoction to parties, potlucks, and other various social gatherings. That is when they noticed that people didn't just like the new salsa, they raved about it! They told their friends about it.  There was even a guy in Australia who said he had DREAMS about it!

It was their reactions that made Kelly and Troy realize that there just might be something to this new creation.
So, over the course of the next decade, the recipe was kept a secret while Kelly and Troy learned how best to bring this zesty treat to your local supermarkets (or Irish Pubs).

Serve with chips just like traditional salsa or just eat it as a salad! It's also fabulous on fish tacos!

We hope you enjoy it as much as all of our friends and family have over the years.